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Simple: How To Get More Leads & Maximise ROI with Your Quality Score šŸ†

I am not going to explain what quality score is – this is practical not theoretical. [You have old mate google for that] You have 3 parts to quality score: 1ļøāƒ£  Ad relevance – how relevant is the ad to the keyword 2ļøāƒ£ Landing page experience  – how relevant is the landing page/website to the […]

The ONE Simple Way To Know Your Google Ads Account is Going To Work

šŸ›‘ Stop wasting your time micro-analysing your Google ads accounts! There is only ONE thing you need to look at to know if you account is going to work. It’s not: āŒ Conversion Rate āŒ Conversions āŒ Cost Per Conversion āŒ Anything that has a number/metrics associated with it. Look at the SEARCH TERM REPORT […]

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