Simple: How To Get More Leads & Maximise ROI with Your Quality Score 🏆

I am not going to explain what quality score is – this is practical not theoretical.

[You have old mate google for that]

You have 3 parts to quality score:

1️⃣  Ad relevance – how relevant is the ad to the keyword

2️⃣ Landing page experience  – how relevant is the landing page/website to the keyword

3️⃣ Expected CTR – (based on past CTR performance) how much google things people will click on your ad

Improve these and you will rank higher, get more traffic, get more leads and spend a fuck load less money! 🤤

Your lowest hanging fruit to hack: >>> Ad relevance <<< ✅

Why Sir?” You Ask

Because you can do it all in platform – requires no influence of past data (exp CTR) or how google see’s your website (landing page experience)

How To Do It:

1️⃣ Look at all your keywords for the last 30-90 days

2️⃣Have a filter to show only ad relevance: “below average”

3️⃣ Rank by top spending keywords


Add a filter that includes >0 conversion to see where you can get more traffic/leads for an even cheaper cost!

How To Make This Practical?

The MOST important thing you can do is make it relevant!

  1. Put the main keyword in the Headline 1 or Headline 2
  2. Put it again in the description
  3. Get that keyword, google it, look at your top 4 competitors ads – what are they talking about in their ad copy?
  4. Don’t re-invent the wheel – incorporate what they are saying into your ads (they most likely have been running these ads for months/years…. because they work).

Note: this was all inspired by Ed Leake’s newest video which is amazing and you can see on HERE

Simple: How To Get More Leads & Maximise ROI with Your Quality Score 🏆

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