The ONE Simple Way To Know Your Google Ads Account is Going To Work

šŸ›‘ Stop wasting your time micro-analysing your Google ads accounts!

There is only ONE thing you need to look at to know if you account is going to work.

It’s not:

āŒ Conversion Rate

āŒ Conversions

āŒ Cost Per Conversion

āŒ Anything that has a number/metrics associated with it.

Look at the SEARCH TERM REPORT āœ…


This will show you the ONE thing you need to know.

Is what people searching for relevant to your product/service?

šŸ—‘ļø Garbage in, Garbage out. šŸ—‘ļø

You might have the best product/service + web/landing page

āš ļø But if you have irrelevant or low intent traffic coming through, you will not get any results

If you do review your search terms and they are highly relevant to what you do then the results will come – how can they not?

If you are a car mechanic in Richmond and the search term is ‘car mechanics Richmond’ or ‘Richmond car mechanic’, the lead/call will come.

If the results are not coming from high intent searches like that always review the landing page experience. That is where the gap is!

OBVIOUSLY, there are so many things you can do to optimise your account. But if this not done, then nothing else you do will work!

Start with a solid foundation

Keep it simple & practical!

The ONE Simple Way To Know Your Google Ads Account is Going To Work

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